IMOV Temple Accommodations
Dates: October 15th to October 22nd


Stay in a tropical setting inland and away from the chaos of the city and beach area. The Temple is far enough away for the solitude of  rejuvenation and close enough for the access to all the necessary  excitement.

The grounds are tropical foliage and fresh air.

Accommodations range from 2 bedroom condos, to  penthouse, to a townhouse.  See below, for availability and detail information

Accommodations are all inclusive and include:

Free Transportation - Transportation to and from the Cancun Airport is included with your stay, along with free transportation to and from the Tulum beach, hiking, and all excursions that are off of the residential property.

Cenote Cleansing Baths For Spiritual Purification - Experience the essential sacrament of baptism out of the old conditioned self and into the primal core of your authentic self, led by masters in deprogrammong and decondirioning the self.

Healthylicious Complementary Meals -  Meals for the highest and most exquisite balance of taste for the palate and nutrition for the body.

AM Sacred Lengthersize Yoga - A new system blending dance, meditation, yoga and stretching using the spiral method and grounding forces to release blocked energies, condition and strengthen muscles while allowing for freedom of subtle movement.

Transformational Hiking - Challenge yourself to the terrain of the ancient jungle of Mexico, while breathing in and witnessing its massive natural beauty, experience it's high healing vibrational energies, and warm climate, during an invigorating warrior spirit workout.

Ocean Renewal Rituals - Let the POWER of the ocean bring forth the untapped potential inside of you that's been dormant and aching to come alive.  Let go of your armor through a series of chanting, meditation and mirroring processes.

Shareformation Salons - Eclectic evening gatherings helping you reconnect to the authentic alive sensations as an individual while being a part of a celebration on how to commune with others while keeping your own self containment and electric fascinating unique light. Led by iMov guided by iMov and Will. Interactive and experiential participation from all attendees. To listen and exchange information inspiration and ideas on building and enhancing sustainability in community on a interpersonal level, with self, family, society and beyond.

Wellness Center - Allows a space for guests and residents to transform ancient and timeless spiritual practices in daily pathways to peace and inspiration. This center offers both residents and guests a vibrant gym, movement room and lap pools from Mondays to Saturdays - Click HERE for more details


Living Options:

  • 2 Bedroom Condos - Staring at $65 per night per person - Click HERE to learn more
  • Penthouse - Staring at $101 per night per person - Click HERE to learn more
  • Townhouse - Staring at $113 per night per person - Click HERE to learn more

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